Nothing captures the attention and conveys an idea with more impact and imagination than an expertly conceived and slickly produced video program. Whether it’s a 30-second promotional spot or complete, customized event coverage, Nadler & Associates has the experience and the expertise to meet your video programming and production needs. From pre-production and scriptwriting to post-production and delivery, our in-house video production staff can help you bridge the information gap, allowing you to communicate with your customers in a way that is unique, powerful, personal and long-term.

Educational/Training Videos

Educational videos focus on specific topics or issues & incorporate the use of expert authorities in an engaging, interactive fashion. Properly produced, educational videos drive home the most important points to an individual, a small audience, or an entire industry of professionals. Videos are invaluable as a training tool to ensure that critical information is provided uniformly & concisely across a large geographic base or industry. Audiences everywhere are highly receptive to the familiar video format.

Marketing Videos

Concise, strategic videos deliver marketing messages with exceptional precision and effectiveness. In today’s digital world, videos can be viewed anywhere: at home, at the office or on the go. Short video presentations are a valuable part of any total marketing program, and can be used over and over again to re-emphasize your message. Videos also are an ideal format to meet the particular needs of annual meetings, sales meetings and product rollouts.

Convention Television

Onsite Convention Television – television programming especially adapted for the convention or conference experience – provides a wide array of high-profile, attention-grabbing programming formats for delivering news and information to attendees. And it gives sponsors additional high-visibility advertising opportunities. Nadler & Associates, Inc. has developed a unique menu of programming formats, including:

• Daily News Shows

• Question-and-Answer Interviews

• Seminar Broadcasts

• Televised Game Shows

• Roundtables and Panel Discussions

Event & Meeting Video Management

Nadler & Associates is fully equipped to handle any company’s production needs at a meeting, conference, or any other event where audio or video services are required. Our services range from a single camera used with our TelePrompter, all the way to a major event involving multiple, live-switched cameras as well as videoconferencing, PowerPoint, & video playback. We also offer a full range of graphic design services for those clients needing broadcast graphics or a presentation developed in Adobe Flash.

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