Convention Television

Onsite Convention Television – television programming especially adapted for the convention or conference experience – provides a wide array of high-profile, attention-grabbing programming formats for delivering news and information to attendees. And it gives sponsors additional high-visibility advertising opportunities. Nadler & Associates, Inc. has developed a unique menu of programming formats, including:

• Daily News Shows

• Question-and-Answer Interviews

• Seminar Broadcasts

• Televised Game Shows

• Roundtables and Panel Discussions

Convention News Coverage

Newspapers and the printed word continue as a powerful force in communications, boosting morale, providing cohesiveness and synergy, and provoking more cutting-edge concepts, ideas and information than perhaps any other communications medium available. A well-designed and produced daily Convention Newspaper gathers all of these benefits to enrich the meeting experience, enhance the return on your investment, and provide additional high-visibility advertising opportunities for sponsors.

Convention News Coverage provides value and immediacy, but also longevity, as convention goers take their issues home and pass them around to multiple business associates, friends, and community leaders. Our attractive daily Convention Newspapers will speak volumes about your forward-thinking, inventive organization or business in a way that extends the impact of your convention or conference for months into the future.

Interactive Tradeshow Marketing

Customized interactive tradeshow marketing programs are the best way to attract and keep tradeshow attendees at the exhibit booth. Nadler & Associates provides the expertise in design and programming to develop a custom experience for the tradeshow attendee. Whether today’s exhibitor is looking for a way to entertain, educate, or do something in between, Nadler can develop just the right customized program to help hit the target audience. In today’s world of tight budgets and continuous demand for the attendees’ time, Nadler can help increase the number of impressions, all the while keeping the tradeshow attendee immersed in an experience with the brand at the center.

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